Sea View Seniors

The Seaview Village operating since 1980 has provided a safe and secure, twelve separate residences for seniors in the Union Bay area.

The Seaview Village is ran by a non profit board called the Baynes Sound Lions Senior Citizens Building Society. This board is made up of local citizens, Seaview Village residents, and members of the Bayne Sound Lions.

Seaview Village
Seaview Village

The Seaview Village Board has decided to look into an option for expanding the amount of dwellings. A building committee has been formed to look into and develop a vision of how this expansion would impact the existing residence and the surrounding community. This building committee has made contacts with a development consultant, and architect, BC Housing Society, the Canada Housing and Mortgage Corporation (CHMC), and the Comox Valley Regional District

The size of this expansion is not known at this time for there is still many unknowns, but we will keep this site up to date as more information is known.